What is Stable in Life Than God?

Poetry Thursday
Published October 12, 2023

What is Stable in Life Than God?

What is stable in life than God?
What is unfading than His Word?
The choicest of food perishes,
But God’s Presence still nourishes.

I’ve seen earth’s beauties fade away,
I have watched the best cars decay.
…seen new fashions turn old fashions.
Why the quest? Why the desperation?

I’ve seen economies crumbled,
I have watched the once rich humbled.
I have seen the boastful disgraced.
Why the unrest? Why the rat-race?

I’ve seen fine faces become ugly,
I have watched young ones become old.
…seen mighty warriors grow weary,
What is stable in life than God?

Giving up God to pursue things
Is the most foolish things to do.
It shows deep wretched nakedness
To choose shadow above the Source.

By Sixtus Onyeanusi

Published by permission from faithwriters.com Article source: https://articles.faithwriters.com/reprint-article-details.php?article=42981

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